5 Years

five years

It’s a bit of a personal one this time, if you don’t mind. On Askew Brook’s 5th birthday, I thought I’d take the time to reflect and thank a few people who have made what we do possible. We started Askew Brook one month before the birth of our first child, and if you’d have asked me that morning in the Contrast Cafe how far we could go, I’d have taken where we are now without hesitation.

I don’t want to list all of our customers as I don’t want to forget anyone but I always find the fact that people trust us with their reputation or money humbling. I’ll highlight a couple of clients, though, if I may; first, the Stephen Joseph Theatre who were pretty much our first client and gave us confidence that we could do this for a living - I hope that the fact that they’ve stayed with us since then shows they like working with us as much as we like working with them.

Secondly Sirius Minerals. They came to us towards the back end of last year: a FTSE 250 company and the biggest single investor in the North of England means they didn’t have to stay in Scarborough – but they did.

Plenty of people have encouraged and supported us; many probably don’t even realise they have. Showing interest in companies in the early days is extremely valuable so special mentions go to Will, Simon and Tim at the LEP, Scarborough Borough Council, Andrew and the team at Woodend, Jo from Spectrum Cleaning Solutions, Emma at the FSB, Ed Asquith and the Scarborough News, the CBYCBA, Darren at The University of Hull plus countless others.

Finally a huge thank you to our team, whether that’s other local companies who we’ve worked with (Turnstone Media, Fitzpatrick Design, Electric Angel, Sail, David Chalmers and SimpleWords, Dan) or the AB team - Andy, Nick and Jack prove again and again that we can solve any problem that’s thrown at us - and I’ve no doubt we haven’t seen what they’re capable of yet. And last but not least my wife Gabby whose support hasn’t wavered one jot over the last five years.

Keep talking to us, come and see us and lets keep making great things.


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