We're on the move - what does that mean for 301?


When we first started as a company one of the first things we did was set-up an incubation space for other companies like us. The ones who would benefit from being in an office space but needed to keep overheads under control while they got up and running. We saw a need that we thought needed to be filled and with the help of Woodend we created 301. We blogged about it at the very beginning and made our business case public.

We've had about a dozen or so companies through the door and we've enjoyed working with every single one, some have gone onto grow, some haven't but we hope we provided help and support in what can be a difficult time. The current tenants, along with ourselves, are all ready to grow and move onto their own space and so the incubation space seems to have found its natural end. We're staying in Woodend though, overlooking the gardens so there will be plenty of BBQs happening this summer. You should come.

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