Richard Speaks at CodeConnexx

Richard Speaking at CodeConnexx

Earlier this month I left Scarborough behind for my first International speaking date in Maastricht. After a nine hour journey, that took in four trains and as many countries I arrived at CodeConnexx in the Netherlands.

The conference, organised by PHP Women, aimed to bring together everyone interested in talking about code. The conference welcomed high profile speakers from across Europe and covered a wide range of topics including cryptograhy, vector graphics, API design, Internationalisation, SASS and working for fun.

My talk was called “Advice for young developers: Get the job and stay cool” and although it was about that, I like to think it has an added dimension as I explore what impacted on me and what I learnt from my past in the industry. To say it was my first talk, I received some excellent feedback even though my accent caused problems at times.

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