Welcoming Ceri on work experience

Ceri on work experience

We've welcomed our first ever work experience student to Askew Brook with budding designer/photographer Ceri joining us from Scarborough 6th Form. Regular readers (hi, Gran!) will know we do as much as possible to support the youngsters in the area. We hear all the time that recruiting on the coast is hard, and it definitely is, but it'll only get easier by companies doing their bit.

We're a four strong team (Nick was on holiday too) and we hear of firms of all sizes being unable to offer work experience due time commitments so we were curious how it played out. In all honesty, it worked really well but that probably had more to Ceri's drive and aptitude rather than us.

Within the week Ceri developed some logo concepts, designed some banners that made it onto a live project and even took some shots of the team at work. A selection of which is below:

Logo idea Logo idea Ceri Photo Ceri Photo

Ceri hasn't decided what she wants to do next so watch this space!