Our Young Enterprise Journey

The Young Enterprise team

Regular readers will know that we like to do as much as we can with local schools and colleges. Back before Christmas we started mentoring the Scarborough Sixth Form College team.

Young Enterprise are the UK’s leading charity that empowers young people to harness their personal and business skills. Students create their own business from the ground-up; from deciding on the company name and product to creating a business plan, company finances, selling to the public and ultimately winding up the company and paying their taxes.

The Sixth Form team created a company called Powyrd, they noticed that people forget their chargers whilst coming to college all the time, and they set about fixing it. The found and imported a product from China, packaged it up and in some cases customised it to meet their customers needs.

It went really well, they sold well over three-hundred units, made a healthy profit and did well in the competition element too - being named the top Scarborough competitor.

I'm sure it'll be running next year too, if you want to give it a go just give us a shout.