Can I switch my existing website to a responsive one?

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Pretty much everyone who we talk to about new websites know that their website needs to be responsive, so much so we don't really need to go into it here as many other people already have.

We do however often get asked "Can I switch my existing website to a responsive one?". The response is nearly always the same (and I’m sorry if you’ve found this looking for a definitive answer but you’re going to leave disappointed): Up to a point yes but you probably want to think about starting again.

Let me explain a little further.

There are probably some quick wins you can deploy to make a visitor's experience of your website on a mobile or tablet that little bit better:

So, if you do these things to your site chances are you could make it better for people on mobiles and tablets to use. That might be that it loads quicker, shows your existing site in a more usable fashion or maybe after the work with your markup it is fully responsive - although in our experience this is unlikely.

The trade-off that you need to think about is this. Could the time and money that you spent making these changes have been used to create a new responsive site from the ground up? Not only will you get a responsive site but you also have the chance to put things right. Your business evolves over time, can you honestly say that your website is 100% fit for purpose?

I would like to sign-off by saying this. Responsive sites aren’t just sites that look good on mobiles and tablets. They’re designed with the end user and the technology in mind.

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