Streamlining operations and enhancing communication for IWE Electrical Contractors with a lightweight intranet solution

IWE Electrical Services

In an industry where efficient communication and streamlined operations are paramount, IWE Electrical Contractors sought a robust alternative to platforms like SharePoint to meet their specific needs. Askew Brook collaborated with IWE to develop a lightweight, feature-rich intranet solution that not only addressed the company's essential requirements but also enhanced overall efficiency and communication.


  1. Read-Tracking for Critical Documents: IWE needed a system that allowed employees to mark company-wide announcements, policies, and health and safety documents as "read" to ensure compliance.

  2. Training Management Visibility: A comprehensive training management system was essential, providing administrators and team members with complete visibility into ongoing, completed, and expired training. Additionally, the ability for individuals to download their own certificates was crucial.

  3. Field Communication: To facilitate seamless communication between office and field staff, a site-wide one-to-one messaging system was required. This messaging feature was designed not only for office use but also to be functional in the field, allowing staff to reorder parts, request documentation, and collaborate effectively.


1. Document Tracking and Management:

  • Implemented a feature-rich intranet system with standard functionalities like company-wide announcements, policies, and holiday forms.

  • Enhanced document management by incorporating a read-tracking mechanism, particularly crucial for health and safety documents.

2. Training Management System:

  • Developed a comprehensive training management system providing administrators and team members with full visibility into completed, ongoing, and expired training.

  • Enabled individuals to download their training certificates directly from the platform, promoting autonomy and accessibility.

3. Site-Wide Communication:

  • Implemented a one-to-one messaging system designed for both office and field use, facilitating effective communication between staff in different locations.

  • Ensured that the messaging system was lightweight and accessible in the field, enabling real-time collaboration for urgent requests or information sharing.


  1. Enhanced Compliance:

    • The read-tracking feature ensures that critical documents, especially health and safety materials, are acknowledged by staff, contributing to a culture of compliance.

  2. Improved Training Oversight:

    • The training management system provides a centralised view of training activities, making it easier for administrators to track compliance and identify areas for improvement.

  3. Efficient Field Communication:

    • The one-to-one messaging system streamlines communication between office and field staff, enabling quick responses to urgent matters and improving overall operational efficiency.

  4. User Autonomy:

    • The platform empowers individuals to manage their training records and certificates, reducing administrative overhead and promoting a sense of ownership among team members.

The collaboration between Askew Brook and IWE Electrical Contractors resulted in a tailored intranet solution that not only met the company's core requirements but also contributed to a more efficient, compliant, and communicative workplace. This lightweight alternative to SharePoint has become an integral part of IWE's operations, fostering a culture of collaboration and proactive engagement among the staff and the best part is there is no ongoing license fees.

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