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Unison LTD has been a world leader in large manufacturing equipment since 1973, inventing a full range of automated, computer-controlled tube bending machine systems that made the notoriously arcane process of tube bending repeatable, controllable, and far easier and more cost-effective. Its sister company Ingenium Integration uses these technologies among others to create fully automated systems for manufacturing in such diverse industries as automotive, oil & gas, shipbuilding, and even aerospace.

In 2022 Unison LTD/Ingenium Integration came to Askew Brook after their search visibility fell behind their competition, costing the companies both clicks and conversions. Askew Brook improved the sites' SEO and initiated ad campaigns that brought more traffic to the site. With these improvements, Unison's search visibility jumped 17% in a month with over 100 tracked search terms in the top 10 in organic rankings, bringing 567 conversions over the third quarter of 2022 and cutting their cost per click nearly in half. Likewise, Ingenium saw over 800 new clicks in 2022 with their cost per click being cut to less than half of what it had been over just three months.

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