Web Design, development and Booking Integration

Stephen Joseph Theatre

Askew Brook developed a bespoke CMS and responsive build for the Stephen Joseph Theatre and integrated its online booking package.

We spent a long time working with the team at the theatre to understand the rich history and expectations of staff and theatre goers. We developed a solution that stayed true to these expectations whilst bringing the look and feel right up to date.

As the theatre is extremely busy, facilitating its own performances, touring productions, cinema and the increasingly popular live streaming events, one of the main challenges centred around organising the content in an attractive way that is easy to navigate.

Taking online bookings is key for the theatre and we took its third party solution and integrated it into the website. This means that when purchasing tickets, theatre goers don't need to leave the website and all branding and styles remain consistent.

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SJT Engage - Design and build of a fundraising site

The SJT was also aiming to raise £350,000 to improve and expand its OutReach centre. The aim of the site is to explain what benefits the improvement will have to the local community and to provide a mechanism for raising the target amount.

We wanted to keep the site simple and find a balance between supplying key information and reducing the barriers that can stand in the way of people wanting to make a donation. With this in mind we placed the donation methods in a prominent area of the site and they remain on screens at all times.

There is a lot of textual information to display, which is important and relevant to some people but not all - in fact a large amount of textual information may stop people donating when they would otherwise have done so. To address this we have placed all the information on the page but it is only shown if the visitor makes the decision to view it. We have given over a large amount of space to imagery and testimonials as it quickly and clearly shows the benefits of the project.

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“We have already received a range of really positive responses, particularly about how clean and clear the website looks, how effectively it works on IPads and phones, and the narratives about SJT built into it. Internally, the response to the new CMS has been rather life changing and we look forward to getting more people trained on how to use this.”

- Stephen Joseph Theatre

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