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Go4Growth provide expertise, resources and tools to help businesses win public sector contracts. They work with many public sector partners including the Greater London Authority, The Ministry of Justice and West Midlands Police as well as various local authorities and NHS trusts.

Askew Brook were tasked with helping create a website that appeals to businesses owners rather than people working within the public sector. Organisations that work around the public sector often use jargon and processes that confuse people within the private sector, which ultimately leads them to disengage.

The Go4Growth programme is also completely free at the point of delivery and is run by nationally recognised experts within the field. The offering can be seen as 'too good to be true' which is in itself the challenge for the team at Go4Growth.

To solve these two issues Askew Brook worked closely with the team to really understand their target market, primarily small business owners. Winning work within the public sector can be completely unknown, intimidating, time-consuming and frustrating. The website provides clear points of entry for the user regardless of what stage they're at. This clear signposting, early on in the visit orientates the user and allows Go4Growth to pitch the content at the right level for the individual.

The website also provides a number of free resources and Go4Growth ultimately wants people to go on a journey with them. We created a 'Community' area that, again, is tailored to the individual’s point on the journey but also gives a sense of togetherness and provides value over many years.

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