Our prices are very easy to understand when it comes to search and social media - you're just paying for our time.

Market Research - £600+VAT

You can't make changes to a search and social strategy without first understanding who you want to attract and how they behave. We'll understand what you want to achieve as a company and work with you to target certain types of people and understand their behaviour. At the end of this process you will receive a report that clarifies what needs to be done when looking at search and/or social media strategy - you can either implement this yourself, give it to someone else or work with us to implement it.

Social Media - £50 per hour (we recommend at least four hours per month)

We will take the plan and begin to implement your social media strategy. This includes content creation, updates and engaging with your followers - we will also include some sponsored content at no extra cost.

SEO - £50 per hour (we recommend at least four hours per month)

As above, we will begin to implement your SEO plan. This might mean making structural changes to the website, content generation, Google Analytics setup and implementing Google AdWords.

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