How we're running home working - with links!

I know everyone and their dog are emailing about their working from home arrangement and I know you don't want another but this will hopefully be a different slant on it for you. Because we're a technology company this comes a little bit easier to us so I thought I'd share how we're doing this (it's really simple).

So, we code and as a result all our work is in the cloud anyway, we all work on the same files all the time so we have a way of doing that without doing the whole awesome_code_v1.doc.

Now the team.

All this focus on work is understandably worrying, but try and put it into perspective. The impact of this personally is potentially far greater on your families for the next fifty years than these next few months.

Look after each other, be fair.


p.s. if you're in hospitality and retail Jack is killing it for you over on Twitter - look

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